St. Stephen’s has strived to make this opportunity available to a student body that is a true representation of the diversity of backgrounds and economics which compose our community. … This commitment to excellence, diversity and community means that for the school to remain true to its purpose, it must seek contributions from the community in order to keep this dream a reality.
— Richard McCandless, Board President, Dean of St. Stephen’s Cathedral, 1985

Where does the money go?

St. Stephen’s Episcopal School’s annual fund is critical to providing unrestricted financial support to the school so that dollars go where they are need most, such as:

  • Tuition assistance for our students who may not otherwise be able to afford a private education

  • Technology upgrades and advancements to train our students to excel in a technology-driven workforce

  • New materials and learning tools for classrooms.

  • Expanded extracurricular offerings to give our students a well-rounded foundation for the future

  • Keep tuition at an affordable level

  • Support capital improvements to buildings and grounds

Why is the Annual Fund necessary?

  1. We set tuition at the lowest possible level to make a St. Stephen's Episcopal School education an affordable option for families.

  2. Tuition only covers approximately 70% of the total cost to educate each student.

  3. St. Stephen’s must raise the remaining 30% needed each year.

Here are a few examples of how your gift can directly benefit St. Stephen’s Episcopal School:

  • $2,500 - Average financial aid gift to a family in need

  • $1,000 - One year of art supplies for kindergarten through 8th grade

  • $500 - Transportation for one Pine Grove Furnace environmental education trip

  • $300 - One Chromebook for student use in a classroom

  • $100 - Four hours or one week at the YMCA for Physical Education (36 weeks a year)

  • $50 - 17 student planners (provided by SSES to help students learn to schedule and be accountable for assignments)

Our annual fund goal is: $20,000.  Help us reach our goal by making your tax-deductible gift today!

How can I give to the Annual Fund?

You can make your gift online or by mail.

To make your contribution online you can use either one of these online giving options:

  1. Online donation

  2. To make your contribution by mail:

    • The L.B. Smith Estate Foundation, Inc will match 20% of the total donations they receive for St. Stephen's Episcopal School. To increase your gift, make your check payable to the L.B. Smith Estate Foundation, Inc and note SSES in the memo portion of the check and send it to:
      L.B. Smith Estate Foundation, Inc
      1810 Market Street
      Camp Hill, PA 17011

    • Make your check payable to St. Stephen’s Episcopal School and send it to:
      St. Stephen’s Episcopal School Annual Fund
      215 North Front Street
      Harrisburg, PA 17101