Students Find Their Zen the Peace Room

Students and staff have a new safe haven to visit in school this year if they feel overwhelmed and want to take a quick break to find their center again. The Peace Room, located on the 2nd floor of the building, is a new addition to the PBIS initiative within the school. Positive Behavioral and Interventional Supports (PBIS) focuses on teaching and modeling positive behaviors for student success. Our clear behavioral expectations at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School are modeled every day for students to demonstrate and embody: We are Safe. We are Respectful. We are Responsible.

emotions carpet.jpg

The Peace Room is designed as a safe space for students to take a breath and find their ‘zen’ if they are having a difficult time following the expected behaviors. It’s equipped with comfortable seating, books about managing emotions, essential oils, and several soothing activities meant to help students come back to a positive place. This room is also an excellent area for teachers to meet with small groups and plan,  problem solve, and discuss success strategies.

peace room sand pit.jpg

In addition to the Peace Room, many of the classrooms in the school are equipped with a Peace Corner that holds the same function as the Peace Room: students who feel the need to disengage from class for a short time and find a more positive, ready to learn attitude can retire to the Peace Corner for a few minutes.

These spaces and the other PBIS initiatives in the school are aimed at creating a safe, positive, supportive environment for students to inhabit and succeed in. Behavioral education is a building block to positive self care and emotional management habits in the future!

Juliet Pawelski