Sara Wikfors

Computer Teacher


Computers are a necessary tool for nearly all job markets of the future. A tool that will require not only the knowledge of how to be used, but understanding what it is capable of. Playing games on a phone is not enough. Children need to learn how to use a full keyboard and mouse; how to type up documents; how to create, format, and save all manner of things; how to discover features of an application or valid information on the internet; how to share and receive safely; how to problem solve and troubleshoot....


My Classroom in Five Words

basics, create, think, try, do


What message would you give to parents of students in your classroom? 

I want every child in all my classes to learn, grow, and succeed and I will do everything I can to help make that happen.


Outside of the Classroom

I currently live in Middletown with my two cats. I grew up in south eastern Pennsylvania. I love the outdoors, playing sports, reading, writing poetry, and games of all sorts.



Bachelors of Education in Elementary Education

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science