Jessica Kaffka

Middle School Math and Science


Miss Kaffka's 7th Grade Website

What is the teaching philosophy in your classroom?
In my classroom I want students to take ownership over their work. I want them to know that this is an environment where they are supported and safe. They can take risks and explore knowing that they are respected and their thoughts are valuable.

In my classroom there is no such thing as a stupid question or a bad brainstorming idea. I want my classroom to foster creativity, confidence and curiosity for students.

Describe your classroom in 5 words
Investigate. Explore. Question. Experiment. Create.

What do you want every student in your room to leave a year with you believing?
I want every student to leave this year knowing that they have the skills and potential to learn about any aspect of the world that interests them. I want them to leave this year knowing how to explore the world around them: ask questions and find answers.

I also want them to have the confidence in themselves to be leaders. Everyone has the potential and ability to be a leader; I want every student to start understanding what areas they thrive in and where they need to grow.

Where did you graduate from college?
I graduated from SUNY Geneseo.

Outside of the classroom, what is important to you?  What are your hobbies/interests?
I enjoy anything that takes me outdoors: sports, exercise, hikes, camping, and just exploring.

However, at the same time, I love reading and getting new books. I grew up moving many times and living in many difference countries, so travelling and seeing new places is also something I am very passionate about.

What message would you give to parents of students in your classroom?
Learning experiences happen both inside and outside the classroom. Exploring the world around you can happen everywhere. If you or your child finds something cool and interesting, look it up, take a picture of it, or bring it into class. If you think it is interesting, odds are that the rest of the class will also find it interesting! We can spend a few minutes researching what you found and letting your child explain it to the class!

Math is also used all the time! You use it shopping and calculated trip lengths, show your kids, get them involved with it too!