Emily Hand

Dean of Students

Contact:  ehand@sseschool.org

What message would you give to parents of students?
I love to talk about your kids; what they are doing; how they are learning; and who they are becoming. Call me anytime and we'll talk.

What is your education background?
Upon graduating from Shippensburg University with a duel certificate in elementary education and environmental education, I began working at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School. Although SSES has been my only professional work environment over these past two decades, it, and the students within, have provided me vast and diverse educational experiences, from beginning my teaching career with our youngest students in preschool to, in my current position, assisting our oldest students with career exploration and their transition to high school. I spent the majority of my classroom time in kindergarten and first grade where I lived my days with six year olds who embrace learning...it is infectious and exciting!

What is your wish for every student?

My passions lie in the social emotional development of our students. By meeting basic needs to ensuring that each child feels confident and empowered in her or his voice, we can make certain that our students feel safe and secure, are happy, and take advantage of every moment of the day. My wish is for every student, no matter how many years that he or she is with us, to look back at his or her time at St. Stephen’s with fondness, knowing he or she will forever be a member of the St. Stephen’s family.