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The City is OUR Classroom!



St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, along with other schools that use the city as a classroom, appeared in the November 2013 issue of the The Burg.  Check out the article below and some pics of our students “in the city!”


One of the things most alumni share as part of why they loved St. Stephen’s School is that we “used” the whole city.  As students we walked to the YMCS for swimming, visited the Dauphin County Library to get new books each week, played in riverfront and for those of us that are really old – had field day on city island and Jump Rope for Heart in the Boyd Center.


Kids on the River - Fall 2013  IMG_6739 Caroling at the City Government Center 001

St. Stephen’s students are a wonderful example of how to use the resources around you to their maximum benefit and enjoy all that Harrisburg has to offer.


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