First Grade & Early Childhood Spanish



Mrs. Baskin

Mrs. Roxanne Baskin

About Mrs. Baskin
For the 2017-2018 school year I am the Kindergarten Looping Teacher
(Rachel Anderson and I are Looping teachers for Kindergarten and First grade, we stay with a class for two consecutive years)

I also teach Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten Spanish.

Classroom Philosophy:
Learning should be a fun, hands-on journey.  Students come to the classroom with different strengths and weaknesses and should be treated as unique individuals. Through quality curriculum and instruction, many opportunities are created to foster active learning and discovery of new ideas, concepts, and strategies.

My Classroom is:
energetic, welcoming, organized, fun, happy, busy I want students to leave feeling capable of accomplishing their goals, knowing I believe in them and will always help them. Years from now my students might not recall that I taught them how to read, write, add and subtract, but they will almost always be able to tell you how they were made to feel. When students reflect upon the time they had in my class, I hope they smile and recall that they were empowered to find the greatness within themselves.

It’s all smiles in Mrs. Baskin’s classroom!

It's all smiles in Mrs. Baskin's classroom!

My Education:
University of Texas at Austin
Wilson College

Things that are important me outside of the classroom:
family, reading, running, watching the wildlife in our back yard
my family would say: preparing new learning materials for class

Message to families and students in my class
Time goes by so quickly, enjoy those precious, amazing moments with your children….listen to their laughter and stories, show them what they have to say is incredibly important and interesting. Get to know what sparks their imagination and always try to focus on the positive!

Mrs. Baskin with a group of students in Riverfront Park

Mrs. Baskin with a group of students in Riverfront Park