8th Grade Advisor – Middle School Social Studies – Environmental Education – Health


Mr. Evans

Mr. Jeffrey Evans

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What is the teaching philosophy in your classroom?
Every student is a unique learner and thus I have no overarching philosophy.
Describe your classroom in 5 words: 
Student Centered Macro Social Studies  

What do you want every student in your room to leave a year with you believing? 

The potential of the human spirit.

Where did you graduate from college?

Bethany College West Virginia

About Mr. Evans:

First and foremost, I am the proud father of two special little girls and a curious little boy.

I spend a lot of time daydreaming about remembering and contemplating history.  Most of this is I do while reading, hiking or biking.  I also spend more time than I should thinking about minor league baseball and hockey.  Sometimes I translate these loves to paper and canvas.

I am at my best when I am inspiring children to love history and know themselves.

I use my limitations to help others transcend theirs.

What message would you give to parents of students in your classroom?

Teaching is my passion.